30 Dec 2014

Tundra Books Releases Anne of Green Gables and Emily of New Moon in Paperback & Hardcover!

I'm a sucker for gorgeous book design. A lot of book snobs will tell you that a book is not a design accessory (which is true) and that books are supposed to be read, not looked at (which is also true, although I do enjoy looking at my shelves and seeing all the gorgeous books lined up together), and that what's on the cover shouldn't matter - it's the content that matters. But in this day and age, I think that what's on the cover is indicative of what the publishing house thinks the content is worth.

And judging by the new editions of L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables & Emily of New Moon series, Canadian publishing company Tundra Books thinks these series are worth a whole lot. Look at them. Just look at them! They are gorgeous.

Anne of Green Gables & Emily of New Moon,
artwork by Elly Mackay; cover design Kelly Hill.
Image from Tundra Books
I am particularly excited about the hardcover editions. I love hardcover editions, especially ones with gorgeous endpapers and ribbons to keep your place.
Anne of Green Gables & Emily of New Moon,
cover design by Kelly Hill.
Image from Tundra Books
  I've already purchased Anne books #2-4 & 6 from Amazon.ca (they're already out of stock of Anne's House of Dreams!) and am eagerly awaiting their delivery. The last time I read this series was in high school (although I recently finished rereading Anne of Green Gables), and have never read Emily of New Moon so I am definitely excited to delve into life on Prince Edward Island!

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