4 Jun 2015

Monthly Summary: May

May was the month that Netflix and I were introduced, so it is safe to say that I didn't get much reading done - I didn't reread any books, nor did I finish The House of the Spirits, the book that I was reading for Brain Soup Goes Gilmore (but book club is taking a break over June, so it is something that I'm planning on finishing!).

I read a total of three books for the month of May - one young adult/paranormal (End of Days), and two memoir/non-fiction (Call the Midwife, Shadows of the Workhouse).

Snickerdoodle Snacks: I love, love, LOVE to bake in my spare time - I usually make treats like muesli bars, savoury breakfast muffins, and my personal favourite, brownies (or blondies, as caramel flavoured brownies are affectionately nicknamed). I've never tried making snickerdoodles before, so I'm eager to try! This is an American recipes and uses pre-made snickerdoodles, but I'd quite like to try making them from scratch.

Why Some Sports Should Remain a Women's Game: I am an avid netballer - I've played since I was ten years old (I'm currently taking a break, and I miss it immensely). I occasionally watch the professional play, and while I'm glad to see men's leagues emerging - because any publicity is good publicity - as a traditionally women's sport (that began because women were banned from playing basketball), it already receives limited funding. Unlike male athletes, female athletes get paid a relative pittance, and I've heard that they often have to take on other jobs in addition to playing netball (please don't take my word for it, though). As this article states: "Female athletes... struggle enough to have their own sports taken seriously, let alone be given any kind of space or attention in sporting arenas traditionally understood to be male (like AFL, rugby and basketball). So why should they be expected to cede the little ground they do have to accommodate and promote men who are at risk of diverting funding options and audience numbers?"

This Anonymous Artist's Tumblr Perfectly Illustrates Your Feminist Feels: Feminist, yet feminine. I LIKE IT. 

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