1 Sep 2015

#TTT: Top Ten Characters I Just Didn't Click With

1. Pat Gardiner (Pat of Silver Bush) - I think the reason I never clicked with Pat is because she just doesn't change. She literally wants everything to stay the same - she even cried when her father shaved off his beard! Having a character that doesn't have any character growth is incredibly frustrating, which is why I've (unsuccessfully) tried to read Mistress Pat about three times. After being given such beautiful characters in Anne and Emily, Pat is just really disappointing.
2. Sora (Last Leaves Falling) - I cannot tell whether it was the writing that made me disconnect with Sora, or just the character himself. To be honest, The Last Leaves Falling was a book that I should've loved but didn't, and I put that down to the disconnect I felt with the character.
3. Nathan (Half-Bad) - In all honesty, I had to disconnect with Nathan because otherwise I wouldn't have been able to stomach the things he goes through. The things that Nathan faces are brutal and horrifying, the fact that he experiences them from a young age makes it even more so.
4. Kelsea Raleigh (The Queen of the Tearling) - Kelsea is a hypocrite, unable to see the bigger picture, and an idiot. You do not want your main character to be all of these things.
5. Theodore Finch (All the Bright Places) - I learnt more about Finch through Violet after his suicide than I did spending time with him as a character, and that, for me, was incredibly frustrating. That said, I still felt sorry for Finch - everybody around him failed him.
6. Jane Hayes (Austenland) - do you know how hard it is to make me not connect to a character who is a Janeite? I was more invested in the film!Jane than I was in book!Jane, mostly because book!Jane was just one-dimensional and flat.
7. Cassie Aganovic (Finding Cassie Crazy) - Finding Cassie Crazy is one of my favourite novels, but I've never been able to click with Cassie. Even though Cassie's story has a higher emotional impact than Lydia or Emily's, I've always found it easier to connect with the latter two.
8. Severus Snape (Harry Potter) - After the final Harry Potter book was released, I was amazed at how many people changed their tune about Snape. I didn't find his love for Lily romantic - rather creepy, in fact. I also think it speaks volumes about his character that he is the worst fear of a thirteen year-old boy. Snape is a bully, and he is one character that I do not think will ever be redeemable.
9. Fanny Price (Mansfield Park) - My opinion of Fanny Price has improved since I first read the book, but I don't think she will ever be my favourite Austen heroine. She is quite timid and has strong opinions on morality and what is right/wrong, but as I've gotten older, I've come to appreciate that she behaves this way because she's lead to believe that she's inferior to the Bertrams and if she behaves inappropriately she'll lose the one thing she has of any worth - her sense of self-worth.
10. Amy (Say What You Will) - Amy was a Mary Sue with a walker, and a horrible person to boot.


  1. Nathan made my list this week too. I felt for everything he goes through and feel really bad for him, but I just didn't like him. Great list :)

    My TTT http://wp.me/p3ftwe-Jy

  2. Good list, I also had a Harry Potter character on my list!
    Here’s mine http://wonderstruck-kcks.blogspot.com/2015/09/characters-i-just-didnt-click-with.html
    Happy Reading!

  3. I completely forgot about Kelsea from Tearling. That book for me was pretty darn predictable.

    And I totally agree with you on Snape. I also really don't get how Harry could so easily forgive him for the way he treated him all through school, going as far as naming one of his kids after the bully teacher who more than once destroyed his assignment just so he could give him a zero.

    Here's my TTT:

  4. I'm so glad that I'm actually finding other people who didn't like Snape! He also made my list despite the fact that he seems to be one of the most loved characters ever. Here's mine: http://wp.me/p6ovgw-fQ

  5. I totally agree with you about Snape. I never liked him.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  6. I loved Austenland but yeah, Jane wasn't my favorite character. My TTT


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